What is this show I remember?
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Was anyone watching PBS in the early 90's? Help me find my childhood, and a Beauty and the Beast short television program!

I have very few clear memories from when I was a kid. But one of them stands out distinctly in my mind.

One morning, I was watching a television show, on PBS. The show was an animated, black and white telling of Beauty and the Beast. It was the classic story, with a maze, a huge mansion, and a ring that can transport the girl around, and I believe the Beast died in the center of the maze at the end. If I remember correctly, the animation was done "Reading Rainbow" style, where there were still illustrations that the camera moved across dynamically. This actually led me to believe that I was remembering an episode of Reading Rainbow, but I can't find a book on Amazon that fits my memory.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I have become obsessed with finding this, and IMdB and Google are no help.
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It could have been episode three of Long Ago and Far Away, maybe?
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I believe you are right!!!! I know I was watching the Frog and Toad cartoons at the same time, so this makes a lot of sense! I'm ordering a copy off Amazon right now. Thank you!
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Jean Cocteau's "La Belle et la bête" may well be what you are after. Black and white photography and death and the centre of the maze both tick. It is very well done so you might want to see it anyway.
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