Cheapest way to ship an office chair across the US?
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What's the cheapest way to ship an office chair cross-country?

I've found a great deal on buying a Steelcase Think office chair, but the company says shipping it from LA to DC is going to be expensive—like $200 expensive, and that's with a carrier like FedEx/UPS.

The matter's a little complicated because I'm out of the country at the moment and can't go down to Greyhound to pick up a bused shipment or go into a shipping service and explore my options in person.

Many furniture stores an Ebay sales offer free or cheap (~$50) shipping on similar office chairs, so there must be a trick I'm overlooking. Does anybody know what it is?

By the way, the company says the boxed chair is 60lbs, 30x30x40 inches.
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In my experience the trick is shippers that take longer than they say, arrive late and delivery damaged goods. That said I only have two experiences trying to get big and heavy shipments that far so I may have just had bad luck.
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Greyhound now does shipping- sorry, no link, but I know several furniture sellers on eBay who use it.
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When I needed a heavy office chair shipped from Seattle to California, a friend recommended a local crating company who handled both packing up the chair and getting it shipped (cheaply) where it needed to go. I think the whole thing ran us $50-75.
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I'm in the process of shipping a large armchair and ottoman from CA to NY, and found this shipping service that allows you to set a target price for the job and then allows shippers bid for it. I haven't concluded the transaction yet, the chair hasn't reached NY, but I like the idea and the service, sort of like ebay for moving companies.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for your help with this question. It turns out that the box's original measurements were barely too big to qualify for standard (i.e., non-oversized) shipping. Once we got the box down to 30x30x38 inches, DHL could ship it just fine, and for under $100.
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