What type of courses in Japan are taught in English?
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I'm investigating doing an exchange with my university here in Australia to study in Japan for 6 months. I will only have learned a semester of the Japanese language before I go over, however there are some exchange courses offered in Japan taught in English. Does anyone have any experience with these courses, and are they limited only to some majors?

I'm studying Mechanical/Electronic Engineering and Cognitive Science, with a minor in Japanese.

Specifically I'm looking at going to Kyoto, I hear about 10% of the population there are international students.

The university looks after most of my academic paperwork, I study in Japan as though I was studying here at home. Also wondering what temporary life there is like - eg part-time job, finding a place to live etc. Is knowing Japanese important, or can I get by and study it in Japan?
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Even if you're not going to Kyoto University, this website might answer some of your questions.

Also - does your university in Oz have comments or reports from people who've come back from the same program? Perhaps you can e-mail someone who's done it already and get an idea of how things would work.
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