It's not me the ID thieves are killing. It's poor Mr. Quicken down the street.
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Lots of closed accounts. A few ID thefts. And hell on the checkbook balancing. Here's the magic question: how will it affect my Quicken?

I've been a victim of ID theft a few times. Largely on the part of my bank, who seems to keep handing out my info to random homeless people when it's drunk. I find out when I get a notice and a new card in the mail that says "sorry" and "cut up your card and open a new account.'

It's amazing how many times I'll come back for hot bank cashier girls.

But here's where it gets tricky. I've just started using quicken. I needed to get the info from several closed accounts. It was tough but I did it. Now I've got several dead accounts in my list and it seems to take forever to get online info from them.

How does one clear the money corpses but still hold onto their reciepts?

Also, whomever answers this the best should expect several quicken followup questions in the future, as I'm just learning how to move past the 100 reciepts in an envelope field of my life.
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The easy way?

Follow the instructions in Quicken help about closing your current data file and carrying your balances into a new one. The timing should be "after you've balanced the checkbook, but before you've done too much in the new month".

Use the old file for reference, use the new one for all new transactions. Only set up active bank accounts in the new file.
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You can "hide" accounts, which is probably what you actually want to do -- it lets you reference the transactions for reports, etc, but you don't have a register for that account anymore. (I would link to the quicken support site, but it is not very link-friendly...)
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If you go to the Overview tab on the closed account, there is a "Change Online Services" button. On the window it brings up are buttons to delete the online setup, which will stop it.
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