Driving Mister Bachelor
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How much does it cost to rent a limo or van to go one-way from Brooklyn to Atlantic City?

I'm planning a bachelor party in New York, and most of the participants will have to fly here to take part in the debauchery, which will include steaks in Brooklyn followed by an all-night gambling marathon in Atlantic City. The group includes people of varying means, and we'd like to keep costs down so people can go ahead and lose their shirt at the tables instead of on the trip to said tables.

One strategy we've hit upon to save some dough would be to get a van, or preferably a limo, to take us down to AC, and then, after a long night of carousing, taking our aching heads and empty wallets back to NYC on that depressing shuttle bus that costs next to nothing.

The question, though, is whether this option is all that much cheaper. Would we end up paying the driver to head back to NYC on his (or her) own, or will they charge us only for the time it takes to make the drive down? What's the going hourly rate? Assuming we are getting a regular stretch limo and not one of those SUV monstrosities, how much should we expect to pay?

This would be on a Saturday night in August, if it matters.

I'll eventually call around to the limo companies to see what they have to say, of course, but previous experience with this particular sector of the transportation industry tells me I should know what to expect before I call. Web searches and limo sites don't tell me.

If anyone knows of limo or shuttle companies that would be more willing than others to do this, I'd welcome any input on that front as well.
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Limos charge per hour based on starting and returning to the depot. Sometimes there are flat rates for airport transfers into the city. In my experience (booking for other people, not riding in) you're looking at around $125 to $150 an hour plus tolls and tip. One thing to consider is that a limo can only fit about 4 suitcases in the trunk even though it fits 6-8 people.
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There are a million choices for limo/van service in NYC specializing in this sort of thing. If no one comes up with recommendations based on personal experience, try this search: "new york city atlantic city bachelor party limo."

I clicked through a couple and they didn't have rates posted, but they offer free quotes. Worst case, get quotes from a couple places to get a range, then call other places to see if they can beat it.

Here's one that actually has some quotes for bachelor party packages: Santos VIP Limousine: Bachelor Party Packages. [I don't know anything about them... just found it through google. It's a starting point.]
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You could also try calling one of the casinos. They probably all have event planners on staff who would know this sort of thing off the top of their heads and could answer basic questions without you having to commit to anything.

I've got a friend's bachelor party coming up in August too (thankfully, I'm not the one planning), so I'm curious how this all pans out.
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God I just got the invite to a friend's bachelorette party and if they make me have dinner in Brooklyn, then drive 2 hours, then party all night and waste my hard-earned cash gambling in the giant crapped out rest home that is AC, then drive 2 hours home, I'm not going, no matter how much I love the bride. When did bachelor/ette parties just become all about torture?
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