Modern Hebrew word frequency list?
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Does anyone know of a good word frequency list for learning modern Hebrew?

I'm learning modern Hebrew on my own, and I'm looking for a good up-to-date word frequency list. There are plenty of resources available for Biblical Hebrew, but obviously that leaves out a lot of modern vocabulary.

The best I could find online was this, but it's over 20 years old. Also, it doesn't have definitions/glosses with it, so I'd have to look up each word individually as I learn; not too efficient.

I could make do with that if need be, but I was hoping someone knew of something more helpful. At the moment I'm kind of just culling my own frequent words from my textbooks and the Hebrew children's books I'm working my way through. I also have 501 Hebrew Verbs, which helps somewhat.
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Logos bible software although a bit expensive is the best around you'll find for what you are doing. The software is amazing...Have fun.
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Response by poster: They have tons of stuff for Biblical Hebrew, but I'm not seeing anything for modern Hebrew. Am I just missing it?

The Biblical Hebrew stuff (which I have some of) is useful to me to some extent (as of course the vocabulary overlaps), but I'm mostly needing to expand my modern Hebrew vocabulary that isn't present in the Bible.

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Best answer: Maybe This? No glosses, and I think the corpus is based on Ha'aretz, (hence a lot of political terms show up at high frequency) but that should get you started.
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Response by poster: Very useful, thanks. I still wish I had something with glosses, but that probably means I'm too lazy. Unless someone comes up with something better, I'll work with this and a dictionary.

Also, since being able to read Ha'aretz in Hebrew is one of my goals, this is actually pretty convenient. :)
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