Eloping in New England
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We just decided to elope next month. I am thinking of someplace in Vermont or Maine. Any suggestions?

Maybe a B & B or beautiful cabins someplace very scenic? Maybe one of the Maine islands? A farm B&B near a lake in Vermont? Any suggestions are welcomed. Looking for someplace special I can drag poor husband to for anniversaries and such. I like off the beaten path for sure but am very open to suggestions. I think I can just call a JP? If anyone has wisdom on the subject I am all ears. Thanks...
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Monhegan Island?

Bar Harbor?
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It's a little pricey, but cheaper than a real wedding: White Barn Inn (home of the only 5-star restaurant north of NYC).
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Hey, us too. But we eventually decided on Florida because Vermont in February was a little dreary. The spots we looked into were The Pitcher Inn and Twin Farms . However, in addition to being very expensive, Twin Farms also didn't allow children, which was a deal-breaker given that there's a baby cocoa.

Vermont has a lot of JPs since it decided to allow civil unions. There's a lot of cross-border traffic for union purposes and a healthy JP population.

Since you're into a warmer season now--and if you're into the outdoors at all--what about Cadillac Mountain in Acadia?

In Massachusetts (if I can throw in an option for my home state) there is Shelburne Falls, a cute town with a majestic small-town bridge of flowers; glass blowers; candy shops; and the Falls themselves (sadly no longer open for swimming).
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Here's some useful information on getting married in Vermont. The owner of the inn where we got married gave us a list of JPs, and that's how we found ours -- we weren't eloping, though, and didn't do it as a last-minute thing.
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Oh, I should say -- the inn where I got married has since been sold, I believe, so I can't say if it's as great now as it was then. (Probably it is, though.)
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Just make sure the weather's good if you go out to Monhegan island... even in semi-rough weather, the boat ride can quickly turn into a vomitorium.

I vote for Castine, ME or the Blueberry peninsula in Maine. So beautiful, less touristy. Oh, and Southwest Harbor near Acadia National Park is fantastic.
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Consider Pemaquid Point (not as far north as some of the other -- great -- Maine suggestions.) The stunning layout of rocks sloping down to a mesmerizing shoreline with crashing waves makes for great pics -- and who doesn't love a Maine lighthouse.
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The Snowvillage Inn in New Hampshire is a beautiful and quiet spot, views, gardens, nice rooms, and excellent food. You can swim at the lake just down the road.

I might also recommend Rockywold Deephaven Camps on Squam Lake in New Hampshire. You might be able to arrange for a small ceremony on Church Island on the lake. RDC has rustic but comfortable cabins, as well as two lodges with rooms and huge wrap-around porches. It's pricey, but also one of the most beautiful spots in New England, IMO. You'll fall in love with the place.

Monhegan is great too, although June on the Maine coast can be quite foggy and cool.
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Here is info about getting married in Maine. There are a lot of great towns on the Maine coast (Boothbay, Wiscasset...) about 30 min to 2.5 hrs northeast of Portland. It would be a lot less driving than going to Bar Harbor, although Bar Harbor is beautiful.
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Also, tons of B&Bs in Maine offer elopement packages; they may have connections with local notary publics who can do the ceremony for you. Google up a storm.
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My parents once spent their anniversary at the rustic Lighthouse Keeper's House Inn Bed and Breakfast on Isle Au Haut in Maine and raved about its beautiful seclusion. According to Mom and Dad, the small inn successfully trades technology (no phones even!) for an impressive panorama of the islands and wildlife of the Isle Au Haut Thoroughfare and is accessible only by mail boat. If you're interested, I suggest you call ASAP as the inn is very small, and availability may be an issue.
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Stowe is pretty dang nice in the spring/summer and the Trapp Family Lodge is very nice.
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If you're up for something a bit more rugged than the lawn of an Inn, many people get married atop Killington Peak. Ride the gondola up with your wedding party, ride it back down as husband & wife. Seems to suit many who have a less traditional thread in their wedding.
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Primo in Rockland, Maine is one of the best restaurants I've ever dined at. The next town over, Camden is known for their B&Bs.
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I just realized that ferrying a JP out on a mail boat may pose a bit of a challenge. Perhaps you could take Miko and cocoagirl's suggestions to marry in Acadia National Park, then scoot out to the Keeper's House for your honeymoon? Or, go for less remote island destinations like Nebo Lodge on the island of North Haven. It's an hour's ferry ride from Rockland, Maine and quite a bit more southerly than Isle Au Haut. More southern still is Peaks Island a 15 minute ferry ride from Portland. I've heard great things about The Inn on Peaks Island. What fun to plan an elopement! Congratulations.
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I'll humbly suggest Quisisana in my hometown of Lovell, Maine. I happen to think Kezar Lake and the surrounding White Mountains are just lovely! I've never personally stayed there but I have heard great reviews, and the dinner theatre is really great. It's not very remote, but in June it won't be wicked busy yet. Very scenic drives, close to lots of great hiking areas like Grafton Notch and Pinkham Notch, plus Mount Washinton isn't far if you'd like to take a train ride to a mountain summit. There are some great swimming holes to be had, or at least pretty waterfalls to gaze upon at both Step Falls and Screw Auger Falls. I could go on about Oxford County offerings, but you get the idea!
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I can't recommend The Juniper Hill Inn enough. It's an amazing B&B.
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We called Montpelier City Hall on Monday morning and got a list of JPs. I went through the list until I reached one available on Tuesday. We picked up our license Monday afternoon in a small town on our way to Montpelier.

Our honeymoon was a hiking/camping trip.
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