AIM service chanegd last week?
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Did AOL change something with AIM statuses?

When I use Adium or iChat on my Mac now, I only see people's custom status if they are set to 'away.' Other people I know are experiencing this same behavior and I can't find any documentation of why or exactly when this changed last week.
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I have experienced a lot of strange behaviors from my chat apps recently too. Not what you're describing, but a bunch of other things, at worjk and at home, on Macs, with iChat and Adium. I don't have a solution, but you're not the only one having problems.
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FWIW, I signed on w/ iChat yesterday for the first time in about a week, and I got a handful of popup notices about offline messages that had been left for me. I don't know if offline messaging has been around for a while or not, but it was new to me. (One of them was from some strange person named "Brave Woman." :p)
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hmmmm, returned to normal as of tonight.
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