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How do I go about getting a stall at a market in the UK, specifically Norwich market? Any experiences to share regarding working a market stall anywhere in the UK?

I'm moving to Norwich this fall for various reasons, and a friend and I would love to try setting up a market stall at the big market there. Our idea would be to sell crepes and other French and international delicacies, all vegetarian.

Is this idea at all practical? I know at Camden market in London, you can supposedly get a stall easily and there are tons of food stalls with choices from around the world - but we can't move to London. So is it practical in Norwich? What kind of regulations and red-tape would we be looking at if we tried to do this? Will there be any stalls available? Is there a better place within commuting distance to try this - a shack at a popular seaside day-trip destination, a road-side stall, or another market to try?
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I've tried it, and it died a horrible death. Location is everything, you're completely reliant on passing trade. DO NOT go for a cheaper pitch in a quieter area. Get public liability insurance (there's a street trader's federation that will do it for around 60/year, I think).
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Usually I think you apply to the council. Norwich is a grreat market but you might have trouble getting a pitch. There's a vacancy for a food stall at Diss, I hear, but it's only a Saturday thing.
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Call Norwich council and tell them what you want to do, and they should send you an information pack with prices etc. as well as hopefully give you a little informal advice over the phone about whether you'll get a pitch or not. Whoever you speak to at the council will doubtless know far more about all this than us.

There's a slightly hard-to-find page on the market here.
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hard-to-find page

I'll take that as a compliment.
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