Actionscript development on OS X that doesn't suck?
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I'm developing in Actionscript 3, and I hate (hate, hate, hate) Flex Builder 2. What are some other good options for as3 development on OS X?

Right now I've got an ad-hoc system going where I use the "include" statement in a frame inside the flash project (CS3) and just write the code in Textmate. (I ♥ textmate.) But it's a little cumbersome; I'd prefer not to use Flash CS3 at all.

I've tried downloading some guy's actionscript 3 bundle for textmate, but I can't get the compiling to work. (Downloaded the SDK, all that.) I've heard you can develop as3 in XCode, but I don't know exactly how.
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Best answer: I don't have a better option for you, because I'm a fan of the Textmate/CS3 option, which I don't find cumbersome. But I wanted to point out that there's another, more sophisticated, option with AS3 besides #include.

You can create a Document class, which is a class that will become associated with the main timeline and will run automatically when the SWF plays. Just make a normal class and then, on the Properties Panel, enter the path to the class.

I don't use the SDK, but you should be able to get it working. Many people do, and it sounds like what you're looking for. I bet if you poke around on message boards, etc., you could find out how to do it.
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FlashDevelop. It was originally made for AS2 but it can be modified for AS3.
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Oh, damn. I'm dumb. You said OSX.

Damn, I dunno. Get yourself some bootcamp. There are more options on the other side.
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Response by poster: I just ran across this tutorial, which looks promising.
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