When you forward a message through outlook, how can you tell who it was forwarded to?
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This is probably the most obvious question in obvioustown, but when you forward a message through outlook, how can you tell who it was forwarded to?

Outlook is showing that I have forwarded a message, but there's no record of it in my sent folder, and when I click on the little prompt "You forwarded this message blah blah, Click here to find all related messages", it only pops up the original message.

So essentially, Outlook is showing that the message has been forwarded, but I have no record that it has been, and now way to tell to who. Please hope me?
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Once it's in sent items, it can be deleted so you'd never see it. Probably happened...
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Have you checked your Outbox? Might be stuck in there.
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Another possibility: You clicked on forward then abandoned your draft without sending it. Outlook isn't smart enough to clear the "You forwarded this message" flag when you do that.
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Best answer: You probably didn't forward it. If your Outlook is like my Outlook, this happens if you cancel a forwarded message that was autosaved before you canceled it.

That is, take any unforwarded message and press the forward button. Wait a few minutes for the autosave. (I think 3 minutes is the default. Or, save it manually if you're inpatient.) Then cancel/delete the message before sending it. If you look at the original message, Outlook will say you forwarded it, when in fact the forward was never sent.

The unforwarded message could also be in your Drafts folder.
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Best answer: If you've deleted it, then do this:

Click on your 'Deleted Items' folder. Then go to 'Tools' and click on 'Recovered Deleted Items'. This should list all your deleted items that you haven't permanently blitzed. Then you can recover the deleted item and see who you sent it to.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!
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Just curious: was there something in my answer that you didn't understand? blue mustard and I both gave you the same information but you marked his answer "best".
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