Where can I find the most thorough indictment of the Bush administration and its activities to date?
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In light of a recent mefi post, I'd like to ask a question I've been meaning to ask for a long time. Where can I find the most thorough indictment of the Bush administration and its activities to date?

I'm looking for a complete rundown of the crimes and corruption of the administration (and the GOP). I'm looking for where they've been taking this country and why it's the wrong way. I'm looking for what they're doing right under everybody's noses.

I'm looking for something that goes beyond making fun of Bush's funny face or stuttering or what have you. I want to dig deep and get my hands dirty with this stuff, but I don't want to read dense paragraphs of technical language and minor discrepancies in laws. I want it to be systematic, with as little extrapolation (that is to say, as much hard evidence) as possible. I want it to be relentless and scathing, but not obstinate or unreadable.

And I don't want it to be too long (man, am I idealistic or what?).

What I mean to say is, preferably something I could find online. I'm pretty swamped as far as books go. Obviously you can't do all this in a paragraph--but I don't want a 500 page book on my hands right now . I'm thinking more, "exposé of anywhere from 10 to 30 pages."

So, ask mefi: where can I go? Where can I turn? Maybe it would be a compilation of sources? Help!
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dailykos would be a good place to start...


Hey, look: The Anatomy of Deceit
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Bushies Behaving Badly [related link to the MeFi FPP].

The Scandal Sheet .
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The problem is that Bush and his buddies have done a lot. Online you can google the Lie by Lie: The Mother Jones Iraq War Timeline.
For a book, the recently released United States V. George W. Bush et al. is a good place to start. It's written by a former federal prosecutor.
There's also the 2-DVD set "The Bush Crimes Commission Hearings." It can be found at http://www.bushcommission.org
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The Slate 2007 Scandal Map is a playful look at how everything connects. It even has tags you can mouse over to see who's connected to "Abuses of Executive Power" and such.

Not really a source, just an overview.
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Glenn Greenwald has a book coming out next month. I anticipate a scathing indictment of all government and media, but especially the neocons.
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Glenn Greenwald's blog on salon.com is a great resource, but, being a blog, it deals with day-to-day microscopic details, rather than succinctly summarizing the pile-up of disasters.

You seem to be focusing on written material, but what about the frontline documentaries that have come out in the last few years? For starters, The Dark Side is a chilling portrait of Cheney's role.
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I bought a great book called "The Greatest Story Ever Sold" after hearing the author, Frank Rich, speak on NPR, and I loved it. As much emphasis as there is on specific actions, Rich goes a long way to create the political atmosphere in which these decisions were made, and what some of the philosophical implications are that we should draw from the whole series of events. amazon link.
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Search user: y2karl.
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Rep Conyers from Michigan introduced legislation calling for the impeachment of President Bush and also, possibly, Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice (sorry, the details are a little sketchy right now, too tired to search). It'll no doubt be lengthy and legalistic, but IIRC, there was an article about it - maybe in Rolling Stone, or the Atlantic? - that covered it all pretty thoroughly. It focuses specifically on the misleading the country into war, but it is pretty thorough...
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I'll second Frank Rich. Check out his archives at the NY Times. He has a way of bringing everything together in a way that's always interesting, horrifying and rage-inducing.
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I highly recommend "Bushwhacked" by the late Molly Ivins. This much-missed awesome political columnist and co-author Lou Dubose took a hard look at the horrible legacy of Little G.W. Bush (or "Shrub" as Molly called him) and his band of bandits. This book is not dry or dull (Molly never was that), and though it was printed in 2005, it covers some of the most egregious acts of this disastrous president. You'll be appalled while you're entertained by Ivins' and Dubose's great writing. (PS: Sorry I'm late responding to this post, but just now got Internet connection after moving a few hundred miles.) Hey -- Also get Molly Ivins' other book on the faux Texan, "Shrub: The Short But Happy Political Life of George W. Bush."
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