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I'm going to the Sasquatch festival in George, WA in a coupla weeks. Apparently they no longer have any RV camping spots available, and none of the local campgrounds we've found will take an RV, either ... Any ideas on where we can park our RV legally near there? And any ideas on how we can get to the Gorge from the RV spot, since they say no RV parking is allowed? We are, obviously, RV newbies (it's a rental).
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None super close, but there are four Walmarts in the area. Wal-mart generally allows free RV parking, though you probably couldn't leave it there for days at a time.
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Response by poster: Gotcha. Well we are only attending the festival on Saturday, so I guess that might be OK. I can't quite figure out how to get from the Walmart to the Gorge itself, though. Looks like a long walk.
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there is a small town across the colombia from the gorge, called vantage. there is a campground that many gorge concert-goers frequent.

A quick look on their website shows they do have RV hookups, and you may have some luck hitching a ride from there.
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We're camping here on Saturday and Sunday nights. It's about an hour away. We've only got tickets to Sasquatch on Sunday, or I'd offer to drive you myself. If you've got two extra tickets for cheap, I'd drive you for free. (grin) Honestly, though, I'm pretty confident you won't have a hard time bumming a free ride in from a farther out campground. Have you tried Portland and Seattle craiglists?
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Response by poster: Crouton & sxtx, thanks. I will check the campground in Vantage first and maybe we can hitch from there if we start early, and if I can't get a spot there I'll check the place crouton recommends. There are five of us so I'm not expecting anyone to give us all a ride.
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Response by poster: BTW who is responsible for the horrible, painful, impossible information on the sasquatch and ticketmaster sites? One says $60 a night for "premiere" rv camping; the other says $80; one says regular parking spots are big enough for RVs, the other says they're not, etc.
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the gorge page on their website claims they're 13 miles away. while 13 miles to get there isn't terrible (3 hour leisurely hike?), the walk *back* will be probably unbearable (though it will be downhill).

also, the parking lot for the gorge is really a giant grass field; drivers guided in by several parking attendants. so, technically speaking, the parking spots could fit any size of vehicle, i'm not so sure how the attendants would handle it. you can try, they might just have you turn it around, *or* they might have an area for RVs. i'm sure there's definitely no overnight parking there though.
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also: check out the gorge campground's website...
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks. So we can always just drive the RV in, pay for parking, drive back to Walmart or the campground and stay there. Thanks, that is very helpful!
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Wal-Mart's pretty far from the Gorge, the closest one being in Ephrata...that's a pretty long drive after a day of Festival-ing. There's a Stars & Stripes RV near Quincy, which will get you 20 minutes closer, but your best bet is the Vantage camping and hitching a ride. It's only 20 minutes from the Gorge, at best, and it's always full of fun people.
And if all else fails, come camp in my backyard! We're awesome!
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