Looking for non-Zorb-licensed plastic bubble riding info
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What's the name for those giant plastic bubbles people get into to walk on water, slide down a hill, and crowd surf with called? (besides ZORB)

I know about ZORB, but I'm trying to find "unofficial" (as in, not ZORB) places to do this worldwide. And not limited to rolling down a hill....I've seen people walking across lakes with these things.

Searching Google for this information is tough, since I don't really know what these things are called outside of ZORB.

I know about these locations already: Smoky Mountains, USA, Rotorua, New Zealand, South UK, and Australia. And I know you can buy your own.
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Human Hamster Balls?
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Human Sphere.
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Ugh, I *know* I saw these things on some carribean resort websites when I was researching places to go for my honeymoon - I thought maybe they were at Sandals, but they're not anywhere on the site. But I have definitely seen them advertised for carribean resorts.

Just imagining going in them is giving me motion sickness, though. Eesh.
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K, the ad for the Human Sphere says it is "air-tight". How much air does that give you before you pass out? Especially if you are really exerting yourself, is that a safe thing to play around in? I'm getting the impression the guy in the picture is falling down because he is losing air!
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JJ86, the first time I saw those bubbles it was with Wayne Coyne, of the Flaming Lips who walks over the crowd in them while singing, so I wouldn't worry much about lack of air inside the sphere.
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I first saw these things in a magazine ad, I think for Segrams. Probably decades ago. Always wanted to try them on water, but it occurs to me, the wind could be a problem (or make it more fun!).
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