Food and gift delivery in Chicago
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Chicago mefites: What interesting things are you aware of that can be delivered in Chicago? When I say "delivered" i mean foodstuffs and/or toys or even something like singing telegrams or something like that.

I have a friend who is in exam/paper grading hell and who lost a close relative to a long illness this morning. I have the immediate bereavement assistance thing covered with emotional support and cards etc, but I'd like to find out about some things i can do to brighten her day occasionally going forward. She's in the 60626 zip code.
I'd like a few options that I can tap into over the coming weeks to deliver her snacks and the likes, that can be coordinated completely from a distance and paid for via credit card over the phone or online.
Additionally, any other suggestions on how to ease or distract her from her pain from a distance are welcome. I know that buying someone things doesn't bring back their loved one and material objects aren't a replacement for my love and support. However, I know her and I know that well-timed demonstrations that I'm thinking about her will make her feel a bit better if only temporarily.
about her: PhD candidate in Film Theory, she'd love to be a foodie if she could afford it, she's an absolute movie and pop-culture freak, she loves the beach and anything beach related, and she jogs.
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Best answer: Might want to call Fox & Obel, a gourmet foodmarket. They have awesome items available for delivery - or you could sign her up for a class.
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Lou Malnati's, the deep-dish pizza place, delivers via, along with a few other key Chicago food places:

As a college kid, I can say with certainty that you can eat on one of those pizzas for days and still find them delicious.

I know the edible fruit-arrangement people also do a lot of work around here, but I'm not sure which company it is specifically. Google it?
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You might want to check out this thread too. It looks like it might be along the same lines as your question.
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The edible fruit company is FruitFlowers...

For regular old food if you just want to treat her to a meal, you could find a cuisine your friend likes via GrubHub... Surprisingly, a lot of nicer restaurants deliver - even sushi! Try entering 6700 N Clark if you don't know her address. That's in the 60626 zip code.

Amazingly tasty treats can be had from Ann Sather, though it appears they only deliver for groups of 8 or more. However, perhaps if you explain your situation and slip them a few extra bucks they might accomodate your request. Their cinnamon buns are amaaaazing. The closest one to your friend would be the Andersonville one listed on the page linked above.

Here's a Florist in her neighborhood...

A really interesting idea would be a 12 week share of fresh produce via Angelic Organics, which has a dropsite in that neighborhood. This would probably only be appropriate for a person with very specific tastes, but I thought it was interesting.
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portillos is a Chicago area hot dog/burger/rib chain that is very popular in the area. They ship anywhere in the US. They have a nice Gourmet Hot-Dog 10 Pack if your friend happens to like hot dogs and has no time to run out to grab lunch.
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Why not mail order? is pricey but if it is in your budget you can make a foodie very happy. We got an assortment of 6-8 cheeses that lasted us several weeks and felt very decadant. (Personal favorite was Dorothea!)
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