Marketing and PR help (maybe pro-bono)?
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Where can I find or find out about PR and marketing help for non-profits in the Washington, DC metro area?

I heard there are some PR and marketing firms that offer pro-bono PR and marketing advice to non-profits, but I am loath to find such resources outside of New York and Chicago. Specifically in the Washington, DC area (MD and VA included), where could I find such professional help?
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Best answer: well since it's not clear what exactly you're looking for in terms of pr/marketing advice (why aren't the ny/chicago places working out for you?), i'm gonna suggest using some web resources dedicated to non-profits.

a good start:
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Response by poster: Well, it's just that we're based in the DC metro area (maryland) and I know a number of groups that help non-profits are geographically limited.
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Foundation Center ( is a great resource. It's in DC (K Street NW, near Farragut North metro) and has a great library and very useful workshops. The staff is very helpful, and I'm sure can give you relevant, current info.
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Here is the membership directory for the Public Relations Society of America.
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