How do I get colours to match?
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Why am I getting different colours when saving images in Photoshop?

When I save an image via Save for Web and compare the original and the optimized versions, I never, ever get the same colours between the two.

Screenshot of what I mean:

Now, I realize colours are always going to look different on different displays, so I'm not wondering about why the blue on the left doesn't match the blue on another computer. Why can't I get colours to match on my OWN machine? What am I doing wrong, here?
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Response by poster: Additional info: The documents are not colour-managed, as verified in "Assign Profile..."
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What mode are you creating the graphics in? I've had issues with creating somethign in CMYK and then saving as RGB (which, if I'm correct, is what Save For Web converts to).
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Response by poster: They're RGB, just double-checked. I rarely do print stuff.
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Best answer: A quick search brought up one possible solution, as well as some answers in the forums.
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Here's the search I used; there are some other hits in there, as well.
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Response by poster: rhapsodie:

First, I'm retarded for not Googling better first. Second, your first link solved it for me:
"In the Photoshop CS3 beta, you also need to toggle off 'Convert to sRGB' in the 'Save for Web & Devices' dialog."
Things are back to normal. (And third, I'm retarded^2 for not mentioning I was running CS3. I'm a developer/support guy, and I still managed to forget to mention this.)
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However, if you are saving images for use on the web, you should be saving them as sRGB.

What you should be doing is converting them to sRGB before you do the "Save for Web".
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Response by poster: Right. There's a great comment in the first link about that. Glad I read down. :-)
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Convert to sRGB. Then when you go through "Save for Web", hit the arrow in the top right and select "Use Document Color Profile". Also check the box to include the ICC profile, just to be safe.
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