Natural remedy or tonic for lungs?
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Natural remedy or tonic for lungs?

I've noticed that I don't breathe as deeply or fully as I used to. I suspect I've developed a mild case of adult asthma, as my lungs often feel somewhat constricted, especially when I'm exposed to household chemicals or pollution such as car exhust.

I'm going to get this checked out at my next physical. Although I'm not overly concerned, I'm wondering if there might be some sort of natural remedy or tonic (herbal or otherwise) that can be used to help clear the lungs and improve breathing.
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I keep a spray bottle of water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the shower and spray it in the air to steam when I have a cold. I also find that yoga breathing practices are excellent for learning how to breathe more deeply and clear out congestion/constriction.
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I've noticed that whenever I start jogging regularly my lungs get insanely huge.
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I'd get this checked out right now. An asthma attack without the benefit of medication is not one of life's great experiences, especially if it's almost getting triggered by innocuous stuff like car exhaust.

As for clearing the lungs, can't you just Google "natural expectorant" or "herbal expectorant"? Lung capacity is linked to fitness levels, of course—the fitter you are, the less fluid you'll have in your lungs.
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Many asthmatics (including those with very "light" cases, such as myself) report that it's easier to breathe after drinking a couple tablespoons of pure lemon juice. You might try this several times a day. There's no need to savor the flavor - just toss it right down your throat.

And if there's something more seriously wrong, I don't see how lemon juice would ever make it worse.
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Pour boiling water into a hand basin, a few drops of Olbas Oil into the water, towel over the head to create a tent over the basin with head underneath, breathe in deeply alternately through your mouth and nose. Instant and thorough decongestion.
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I quit smoking two years ago and have used a tea called breathe easy. It seems to help and it tastes good, if you like licorice.

Folks above hinted that regular exercise is good, and that is probably the best advice. Some no-impact elliptical time would probably work wonders and yoga (as far as I know) has yet to hurt anyone (that didn't deserve it).
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I don't have asthma, but am prone to allergy-related bronchitis. I use the Nature's Answer Broncitone and lobelia tinctures.
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