trying to create a privacy wall from glass blocks
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I want to create a privacy wall on a deck we're building using recycled 6 x 6" glass blocks. What is the best material to use to set them, portland cement or flexset tile mortar? Also, what safety considerations do I have vis- a- vis windage and reinforcement i.e. what kind of a span is safe?
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To set them, use a "glass block mortar." I would sugest something like this. About the strength and span, I have no idea.
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What are these blocks going to be resting on?
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You need an engineer to tell you how to reinforce your deck to support that kind of weight. That shit is heavy.

A 4' by 6' wall, for example, will be 96 6" square blocks weighing 4 lbs. each, or 384 pounds not counting mortar and other external weight such as bracing. That's a lot of extra static load to put in one place.

You'll need to consider materials as well as span, and whether there's anything (or anyone) below it if it falls over. This isn't just a matter of scaling up a standard deck plan. You'll need to have the city sign off on your plans (you were getting it inspected, right, before your family sits on it?). If your deck has any height whatsoever, not doing this the right way could have serious consequences for you (or at least your pocketbook), of which the least might be the city having you take it all back down.

[[NOT DECKIST]], er, I just know of some problem decks that were underbuilt. In the DIY era, that's a lot of them.
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