Is that the ending, or did I lose a page?
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I got Kyle Baker's King David graphic novel from the library. In this copy, the very last panel is of David and Bathsheeba discussing their son's breathing. Is this really the end, or have previous patrons depaged the book? I can see it as a very somber, elliptical ending, but that's not really Baker's style, to me.
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Yep, that's the end of my copy, too.

"I don't like his breathing," she says. "Does his breathing sound funny to you?" "He's fine," says David.

That's it.
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Response by poster: Wow. That's really a chilly way to end it, considering how much Baker overexplains everything else.

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I went to high school with Kyle. That's his sense of humor: ordinary humanity intrudes and deflates hyperdramatized genre narratives. See also Why I Hate Saturn, You Are Here, and the "Beau Geste" parody in The Cowboy Wally Show. No, really, see them [makes Hypnotoad eyes].
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