Where can I buy scratch card paper?
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Is there such thing as scratch card paper/transfer? And if so where might I be able to get it?

A long time ago I saw these really cool scratch card stickers that let you make any message or image you wanted into a scratch card simply by applying the transfer/sticker onto the paper and cutting out the sticker.

I know there are companies that will print personalized scratch cards for you, but I unfortunately need too have the materially myself. So what I'm asking is it possible to by sheets of this stuff?
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Is this the kind of thing you are looking for?
posted by thinman at 2:17 PM on May 13, 2007

You can find scratch off stickers in different sizes on ebay and sometimes at etsy.com
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Response by poster: Thanks @thinman that is the closet I've seen to what I'm after. Ideally it would be an A4 sheet of this stuff, the reason being so I can cut out my own unique shapes. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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Response by poster: Also thanks @fluffly battle kitten, found lots of different shapes for scratch off stickers on eBay. Guess I wasn't using the correct keywords.
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the technique i know is to melt silver crayon and use a mask of some kind.
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Best answer: This?
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Response by poster: Hey that looks like it might just be what I'm after, thanks. Also interesting technique rhizome, I might give that a try.
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