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I am trying to remember the of a SNES game I used to play that had been redone and was made available for PC. There was a post about it on me-fi about a year ago but I can't find it. The premise was that your character was transproted to an alien word and you have to escape their prison and find out how to get home. I have searched the following tags on me-fi: alien, game, games, videogames, and Nintendo. I remember the post mentioning that the creator was French so I even searched that and got nothing. I have searched other places with no luck. All I need is the name of the game and I will be set.
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Best answer: this
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure this is "Another World", also variously known as "Out Of This World".

Here's the author's site:
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Response by poster: Thanks a bunch
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Response by poster: thank you... you that was it
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One of my favorite games from back in the day. There's a version for the GameBoy Advance, as well.
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There was also a sequel of sorts (but only for the Sega CD) called Heart of the Alien where you play the role of your grey alien friend.
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Ah yes what a great game, if you liked this you may like Flash Back and Heart of Darkness. All very cool games.
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the anecdote about Flashback originally starting out as a licensed game based on The Godfather is truly bizarre.
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Good god that gamed vexed me as a young boy. I played it on a Macintosh Color Classic.
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OnEscapee (review; "The best game of 1997") is another one you might like if you enjoyed Another World and Flashback. And it's free \o/
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