What blog taught me to kill a rabbit?
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Looking for a blog post I remember seeing a month or two ago (may have been much older, but that's when I saw it). I'm guessing it was a food blog, but not positive. It was a list of how to do things, or handy tips or something. The author had a quick tip to kill/dress rabbits, something like: "to kill a rabbit: grab the head and hind legs, twist in opposite directions to dislocate the neck." Later down the page was a joke referencing this, something like: "tips for a first date: grab the head and hind legs... uh, no, wait a minute."

Not the best joke, I know, but I found it amusing and remember wanting to check out the rest of the blog. Now I can't find it, and have spent way to much time googling about killing rabbits. Kind of a shot in the dark, but anybody know where I saw this? Thanks in advance
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Nope, good guess though. IIRC it was a set of more miscellaneous tips (i.e. not a whole post on killing/cooking different animals).
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As I think more about it, maybe it wasn't so much a "handy tips" kind of thing, but more like "things I've learned" or "life lessons". That probably doesn't help, but thought I'd mention it.
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It was on mefi.
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It was dive into mark, actually.
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How Not To.

It's an incredible blog, I concur.
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Serious Eats?
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Was it this post about fried rabbit ears?
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Thank you Firas, now I can sleep tonight. That was driving me crazy.
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Oh, and hindmost, no, but that is a great post (and a recipe I hope to try). nevercalm - also a great link, thanks.
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