Eyewear temple attachment
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Does anyone know about these plastic attachment pieces that go on the ends of the temples of eyeglasses frames to hold tight to your ear?

My google-fu has failed me. I'm thinking of these (probably) plastic pieces that slip on the ends of the temples and then "hooks" around your ear. This is for when the temples themselves don't bend enough or is way too long. What is the name of these things? Anyone know where I can get them? Online or otherwise? I'm in New York state but often go to Toronto or Boston.

Thanks for any help.
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One of mine fell off and I took it to Wal-Mart where they put new ones on for free. I'm certain any eyeglasses store will do the same for you. I think they need to be melted on, so it may not be something you can do yourself.

(The name of them is "temple tip".)
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Oops, posted before finishing my thought!
The plastic piece is called a "temple tip cover". I couldn't tell by your OP, but if you want the kind that bend around your ear, you need to specifically ask for "cable temple tips".
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Thanks, but what I'm thinking of is clearly an attachment and not the plastic covering of the temple. It's a shark-fin shape that fits behind your ear, in addition to the temple tip. But maybe I can try searching with the term "temple tip," which I did not know before.
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Eyeglass retainer?
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