SF Short Story with Zombie Scientist?
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StoryIdentificationFilter: A few years ago, I read a scifi short story in an anthology. It had zombie-ish elements, and a scientist-type who was afflicted who was able to work and study the zombie phenomenon by burning out the nerves on spots on his hand that impelled him to touch non-zombies. They kept growing back, so he continually had to burn them out.

That's all I've got!
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Pretty far reach, but there was a short story by Steven King I read long ago with an astronaut who got some sort of space virus that caused him to grow eyes on hand that compelled him to do horrible thing. He had to keep them covered so they couldn't hurt things and I think he eventually tried burning them out.

I know its a total stretch, sorry!
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Sorry, not it.

IIRC, the scientist isn't the main character.
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wuzzandfuzz is referring, I think, to "I Am the Doorway".
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Can you remember anything else at all, adamwolf? Is it one of the stories here?
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I note that noone has yet identified this. I'd recommend turning to rec.arts.sf.written (google groups link) and post the question with a subject line like
'YASID: Zombie scientist'
or similar. YASID is 'Yet Another Story ID', and a common prefix for subject lines of posts like this.

If they can't help you find it, noone can.
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