Guayaberas? in Boston? Where?
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Where can I find guayaberas in the Metro Boston area?

My current selection, which I acquired in Latin America, is getting a little natty. I know they can be ordered online, but as someone who treads the XL/XXL barrier, I'd rather be able to see them in person.

Suggestions for where to find classic bowling shirts in lieu of guayaberas would be welcome too.
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I have purchased many low quality generic guayaberas at Wal-Mart.
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If you want the cheap, Chinese variety, they can be found at most department stores like Kohl's.
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Response by poster: Well, obviously I won't get them as cheap as I did in Managua, but I'm not looking for uberexpensive hand stitched, custom linen jobs either.
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Haband has really funky zip-up guayaberas.

Blair sells the original article including in long sleeve.

Both have two-day drop shipping.
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Corazon Fairtrade has all sorts of great stuff, but I do not suggest getting your shirts there. They're beautiful, but, to use your terminology, as someone else who treads the XL/XXL (and tall) barrier, I found the shirts to be very much on the small size.
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If you don't mind vintage, maybe Bobby from Boston?
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Nomad on Mass Ave near Porter Square seems to just carry women's clothing, but maybe call/email them and ask who carries guayaberas in the area?

There is also a line called Cubavera that makes some nice (and some ehn) guayabera-esque shirts. You can find them at Macy's/Filene's and sometimes Marshalls.
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Rock Steady beat me to it - the Cubavera brand is carried at Macy's/Nordstroms. To me, as a former Miamian, they tend to be a little flashy and colorful compared to the white or tan I expect, but I still own a bunch of them.
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