Windows Syncing Software for Website Backup, But Changed Files Only?
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Can anyone recommend some Windows software to synchronize a local directory with a remote FTP directory? I want to do nightly remote -> local backups that just download the changed files from my web server, but I can't seem to find software that will do this simple thing.
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You could get Cygwin and call the cron command to run sftp or scp nightly.
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rsync and Unison are common solutions.
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I asked a similar question and the solution was ftpsync, which is written in perl, and should therefore also run T]indows.
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I second the rsync suggestion.
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I run this command on the unix server and have a FTP server running on the Windows box.

tar --create --to-stdout /. | ncftpput -u username -p ass -c /path/backup.tar
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HandyBackup. I swear by it. Doesn't run as a service, but when you're logged in, it sits unobtrusivly in your system tray & just works.
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But it only synchs one way, so ... ahhh ... maybe not so good.
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If you want to spend money on something, the company I work for makes the best real-time file replication software for Windows, Double-Take.

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Folks at work suggest FTPSync.
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