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Where can I find the Thunder Perfect Mind text in its Coptic form? A (legible) photograph of the Nag Hammadi papyrus itself or a copy using a Coptic font will do. Online sources are ideal, but book references are also appreciated.
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Best answer: This webpage states that its translation is based on the Coptic version in Nag Hammadi codices V, 2-5 and VI, with Papyrus Berolinensis 8502, 1 and 4 by James Brashler and Douglas M Parrott (pages 231-55). U. Michigan has a copy. If you can't get it there, try getting a copy through interlibrary loan.
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Response by poster: SWEET, U Mich is less than 5 miles away, thank you! Way to clown me with my own references too :-)

For others in the area who might be interested, the book is at Hatcher Grad in Special Collections (Rm. 807), call number BT 1390 .N15 v.11.

Anyone else with online sources for a Coptic transcription, let me know...
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Best answer: I found the text mentioned above at our library as well.

If you would like a rather large PDF (22MB) of the text in question, let me know and I'll post it up someplace and send you a link.
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Response by poster: Yes absolutely! I would love this, zueod. Tell me what to do and I will do it. Thank you :-)
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Best answer: It's magic!

Right click and save as...

I should be able to leave it up for a couple of weeks, as long as the entire corpus of MeFi doesn't try to download it.

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Response by poster: You're the best! Thank you, thank you :-)
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