Gulf coast Alabama, vacation?
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Where to vacation on the Gulf in Alabama?

Wife and I planning trip, Gulf area of Alabama. Friends have recommended the Grayton Beach area, but we're not sold on anything specific. It's just the two of us. Our priorities, in no direct order:

Beach, but right on the beach not necessary
Cool area/walkable is great
Pet friendly (50 pound dog) huge bonus
Good food

We're looking for cute accommodations, preferably non-chain hotel. 2-3 nights, 4 nights max. Think cute B&B or small house rental...

So, mefi, help us find the perfect short vacation getaway!
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are you thinking post hurricane season?
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Response by poster: EDIT: I suppose I typed faster than I thought...I mean the gulf coast BY alabama, which is mostly Florida. We're thinking along 30a, past Destin.
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Orange Beach is really nice. Not sure about B&B places but I'm sure they have some. Great beach, good food, all the 'stuff'.
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Foley is a few miles straight up the road from the Redneck Riviera (Gulf Shores)and miles from a beach, but it is a groovy little town with a real soda fountain (restored to its full glory) in the pharmacy and the best, freshest, unbelievably good fried seafood at...the bowling alley. No lie. You can thank me later.

On preview: ok, it's worth a day trip.
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If you're looking in that area, I recommend Rivard Vacation Rentals. No affiliation, but I know people who have both rented from and had homes for rent with them. Look around Blue Mountain Beach or Seaside. Residents are allowed to bring their dogs to the beach, visitors either aren't, or are only allowed after a certain time.

Seaside's a cool area and very walkable.

Foodwise, I recommend Cuvee Beach for fine dining, The 331 for drinks and watching the sunset over the bay, and the Red Bar for later(they close at midnight).
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The Flora-Bama is definitely worth a a day trip, too.
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Best answer: I live in Destin...definitely the 30A area if you want quiet but beautiful vacation...try closer to destin if you want a busier atmosphere.

You'll find a LOT of good food...I can make some recommendations for you, or my friend has a website with food reviews.

I also know people with beautiful vacation rentals, if you're interested.

Whatever you do, don't come on an official day, 4th of July, Labor day, etc. because traffic is HELL on those weeks. This month, before Memorial day is actually nice. And August is nicer as well, with less traffic. Also September after the first weekend is great.
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Response by poster: othersomethings: drop me an email...I would, except that yours isn't in your profile.
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