Help me become a professional shop lifter.
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Help me become a professional shop lifter.

After reading Pierre-Joseph Proudhon book "what is property" and more or less agreeing with the statement that "all property is obtained though theft". I decided that would no longer be a sheep to modern society's twisted moral code, and decided to take up shop lifting as a hobby.

I found it was not particularly exciting however it was considerably easier than I had ever imagined.

I started small just stealing books, but now have moved onto stealing just about anything when im in a store and see an opportunity.

The most expensive items all have security tags on them, which i had a very close look at a few days ago when i was in my local tescos.. only be accosted by a store detective and fisked down when i left (i had decided against stealing anything that day..luckly)

This has made me realise shop lifting as a career is not an easy option and i will have to study hard to become good at it. So im looking for any tips/hints/advice/links you might have that could help progress in this field. Especialy regarding shop security devices and security methods

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Wendell will be here soon. Or not. He's the expert.
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metatalk strikes again?
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is there some sort of anti-eponysterical term we can apply to this post?
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i love this thread allready!
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Best answer: Hey I got in just before this user was delet
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OK, I know wisecracks don't help people find answers, but: Stop being an idiot and do something with your life.
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You'll need to be circumcised and have a declawed cat as a sidekick.
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