Looking for modern / retro outdoor fireplace ideas.
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Fireplace Filter: I am looking for outdoor fireplace ideas. I like the old 60's metal "cone" type fireplace (in orange!), but i can't find a good way to search for those; I'm not sure what they are called and my google skillz aren't helping. Could I make one myself?

I really don't want a firepit because i need the smoke drawn up and away. And I loathe the look of chimineas. There does not seem to be a wealth of ideas on the web about diy (and budget) outdoor fireplaces. It seems like a simple idea to make, but i know there are issues with fireboxes, bricks, codes (although building codes are not a big deal here). And does anyone know what those 60's metal fireplaces are called? I'd just buy one of those if i could.
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Best answer: The main manufacturer of the 60s cone was Preway, if you want vintage. That would look amazing as an outside fireplace!
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A friend had one of these that was used in a yurt, not all the smoke is drawn up and away since the upper part of the front opening does not stick out far enough to cover all of the fire area. Building the fire towards the back of the firebox helps with this.
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To iconomy: Excellent Find!!
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Response by poster: Thanks, iconomy -- that's it exactly! I can't believe you were so quick on the draw! Maybe I can figure out something like it to use in the garden...
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