"Fruits Basket" manga spoilers, please?
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I'm looking for spoilers about the "Fruits Basket" manga.

I have seen the TV series, which covers the first 35 chapters. At one point I found, downloaded, and read caption translations for all the chapters up through about chapter 80. (These were not "scanlations"; they were just text from fans.)

I recently learned that the manga finally ended last November, with chapter 136. So that means the mangaka finally revealed the mysteries, and I want to know what they were.

What I mainly want to know was just what Tohru did, or was key to, which lifted the curse from the family. I had my own guess about it, back when I first watched it: that the curse would be lifted if Kyo could beat Yuki in a fight. Then the Cat would feel it had gotten satisfaction from the Rat, and would lift the curse on the family.

But as long as Kyo was blinded by hatred when he fought Yuki, he could never win. The key, then, was to make it so that Kyo and Yuki could become friends, or at least no longer be enemies. Then Kyo could fight dispassionately, and if he did then he would win. Tohru was, therefore, the key: she was a catalyst used by Shigure to get Yuki and Kyo to spend time with each other, and with familiarity would eventually come acceptance (at least) and maybe even friendship.

Was I even remotely correct? If not, just what did happen? I heard that it turned out that Akito was actually a girl. (Considering the disturbingly large number of transvestites among the other members of the Zodiac, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to learn that Akito was a reverse-trap.) Did that turn out to be critical, somehow?

I have some other questions, too, and I hope that someone who knows about the series would be willing to let me exchange three or four emails with them with further questions.
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The curse starts to end because Tohru loves Kyo. Kyo is the first one cured, Yuki is the last. I don't think anything is really explained.

(I didn't finish reading the manga. I just asked one of my students who Tohru ended up marrying.)
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