Old Los Angeles based DOS game?
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Old DOS game involving adventuring around Los Angeles...

Hey folks,

When I was knee-high to a CP/M machine I used to play this game on my DOS 8086 -- no CGA, no EGA, no Herc, no nothing -- just green screen -- and it involved going around to various locations in Los Angeles and collecting clues pointing to other locations in Los Angeles with the goal of finding some final location. All the while little meanies were following you. I seem to remember that your character was a + sign, and there were lines for streets, and you may have made use of taxis or other transit to get around on occasion. I've tried off and on to find this game on HOTU amongst other places with no luck. This ring a bell for anyone?
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Sorry, I can't help you with that. I suggest you post that question in the Gamer's Corner of the HOTU forum (link) in addition to here at Metafilter. If you don't want to register there, tell me so and I can post your question there for you.
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GB, thanks. I may take you up on that at some point, but I'll dig around some more to see what I can find. I appreciate the offer.
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I always recommend them in these type of askmes, but mobygames is really usually useful for this kind of thing because it has a pretty good category drill-down system.
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usually < --> really
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Sounds a lot in style like an old favorite of mine, Castle Adventure, (pics) where your person was a little Spades symbol, you could pick up a single-line-intersection ascii symbol for a sword, a cent-symbol for a helmet, no colors, etc. CA was written by "Kevin Bales" .. I wonder if he was the same author as yours?

Sounds like a fun game, from what you describe (as I played a fair share of IBM Compatible/8088 games on a monochrome orange screen) =) I am interested to know what it is, also!
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