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Looking for an internet-savvy therapist in Austin.

It's time to do something about my social anxiety, self esteem problems, and (self-diagnosed) mild OCD.

- I want someone who's internet savvy. I'm going to have a hard enough time opening up to someone if they, like most people, just raise their eyebrows and look bemused when I talk about the latest Youtube video or how I stayed up all night playing an online game.
- I want a prescription. I've done talk therapy before, and it's gone very badly, between the social anxiety and a total inability to make small talk with anyone unless it ... has to do with the latest Youtube video or a game. I believe I need to be medicated before I can proceed with the talking.
- North Austin preferred; central is okay; south is out.

I know there was a prior thread on Austin therapists, but I'd like a more specific referral for someone that'll fit my needs.

Additionally, once you recommend someone, how do I get in? Just call up and make an appointment? The last time I did this, I was a minor and my parents took care of the details.

Thank you. It's been hard to accept that I need help. I wonder if it would be easier if I went to my regular doctor and asked for something to help me stop chewing my nails and all of my other nervous tics.
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If you want a prescription, you need a psychiatrist, not merely a therapist. I'm not sure what your health insurance situation is, but in most cases, in my experience, most people end up with two different providers. You'll see a psychiatrist every month or two to talk mostly about your medications, and you'll see a psychologist, social worker, or other therapist type more frequently for talk therapy. What this will mean in most cases is that you'll want to be a lot more picky about your therapist than about your psychiatrist.
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I am guessing you're not a student since you don't mention that you are, but you're anonymous, so I don't know. If you are -- I can vouch for the counseling services of UT. I had a great therapist there.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
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You can get mental meds (for lack of more graceful term) from your regular doctor. Plenty of people do. However, be aware that a lot of regular doctors are not as aware of specialty treatments, combinations of treatments or anything above and beyond the standard stuff and the info they've been given from the pharmaceutical reps. That isn't to say they are complacent or unqualified in general, but it isn't their specialty. My mother went to her regular doctor and tried ll the typical brands you see in the commercials. Nothing worked, or worked well, so she finally went to a psychiatrist and got on a program of meds that worked. In other words, if you aren't jazzed about seeing a psychiatrist, try the regular doctor and if the meds don't seem to be working, then see a psychiatrist.

Also, just a thought about needing to find a web savvy therapist: whether or not they are web savvy or can relate to staying up all night playing a video game/watching you tube videos shouldn't be a mark of their suitability as a your therapist. In fact, it would almost seem that a web savvy therapist might inadvertently enable your lack of ability to speak about anything other than videos and video games. Since your problems are social anxiety and difficulty in social settings (making small talk), I'm guessing discussions about the latest you tube video or your video game all-nighter will not be frequent topics of conversation (assuming that video games and you tube aren't related to your actual psychological issues beyond the obvious need-to-get-out-and-socialize discussion).

I'm not saying that you shouldn't find a therapist who can relate to you, but I am suggesting that whether or not they are web savvy shouldn't be the standard upon which you judge them. Plenty of golf fanatics have success with non-golf-playing therapist. Plenty of bankers, lawyers, doctors, actors, etc. have success with therapists who obviously can't relate to a good chunk of what goes on in their lives. Finding someone who specializes in social anxiety might be more productive than finding someone hip to the latest and greatest trends online. If you MUST find a web-trend savvy therapist, try searching myspace.
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Not to contradict fiercecupcake -- I'm sure UT has some great therapists -- but for future readers, be careful, as the services there can be very spotty. The therapist I saw was in training, and she only saw what she wanted to see, and refused to deal with the issues I went in asking about (anxiety and panic attacks).
And seconding getting the meds from your regular doctor. I am currently sans therapist because I, too, have been unable to find someone I like dealing with in Austin. It's been about 4 years now that I've been doing it that way, with only one brief interlude with another lame therapist. It's not too bad, if you've got a cooperative GP and are willing to manage things a bit yourself.

Now, if anyone needs a kick-ass therapist in Chicago, or an excellent shrink in Massachusetts, those I can point you to.
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