Mother's Day on I-95
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Mother's Day lunch, somewhere between DC and Richmond?

My wife and I are flying back to Virginia this weekend, and taking our respective mothers our for lunch -- hers lives in the DC area, mine a little more southerly, so we're looking for a good restaurant somewhere in between. It doesn't have to be gourmet, but someplace reasonably nice that takes reservations would be good. Thanks for any advice!
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I'm a fan of Sammy T's in downtown Fredericksburg. It has a casual atmosphere but a tasty and adventurous menu. I don't know if they do reservations. It's also in a nice area to walk around and see the shops.
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What about Mount Vernon? Is that too corny? The food's probably not fantastic, but it's a nice place with pretty grounds.
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Fredericksburg VA is the midpoint between DC and Richmond, and there are a number of good restaurants downtown. However, getting a Mother's Day reservation this late might be an issue.

I live here, but we tend to pick our restaurants based on the kids menu, so I'm not much help in recommending specific high quality restaurants. You might find some help on though. I have eaten here and it was rather good. However it's one of the most popular restaurants in town so you may have to do a late lunch or to get a table.
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There are dozens of chain restaurants in and around the Central Park shopping area right off I-95 near Fredricksburg. Bonefish Grill, Carraba's, Chilli's, Appleby's -- almost anything you can imagine. Plus side: Some of them take reservations. Down side: The place is shopping mall traffic hell, and every place is a huge mediocre chain.

If you can't get a spot at a local Fredricksburg eatery, may I suggest going up to Warrenton or Culpepper? There are lots of nice local restaurants in those towns, although they're a bit off the path from 95.
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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone -- this is exactly the kind of information I need.
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Try the Log Cabin restaurant in Stafford, just North of Fred'Burg. Its conveniently located on Route 1 between the I-95 exits for Stafford Courthouse and Stafford Airport.

No, I don't have any connection wiht it other than the fact I have eaten there a few times and it has always been excellent. Google it and you should get a few hits with reviews on the "Yahoo Local" site (at least).
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If you don't mind something at the casual end of the spectrum, I recommend Dixie Bones in Woodbridge. A barbeque place, but I daresay the best barbeque north of Richmond. No reservations, but if you show up at noon on Sunday when they open you're bound to find seats without a problem.

Barring that, I second COD's recommendation of Claiborne's, but good luck getting a reservation...
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Anita's in Herndon.
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Thanks, everyone!
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