Do I have to compromise silence in order to get higher PSI from a water pump?
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Do I have to compromise silence in order to get higher PSI from a water pump?

I would like a water pump that can produce ~40+ PSI, but I don't want something very loud. Silent if at all possible. Every pump I have had that could do 40+ PSI has been terribly loud. Are there alternatives? It will operate indoors, submerged or unsubmerged is not important.
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Nicely insulated building around the pump?
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What is the flow rate? You are leaving out details. It is for a shower, or what? Car washer?

Running intermittently is an option if you can store sufficient water at your desired flow rate. Then you get noise, but it is not continuous. (This is how home water wells work... a pressure tank is periodically refilled, usually by a remote, submersible pump that has no trouble with the volume/pressure needs. By default, it's quiet because it is submerged in a well!)

PSI+high flow takes horsepower, hence noise. Additional info would be nice.

Consult McMaster Carr website for a boat load of pump options.
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How will the pump be powered? That also has a bearing on the noise.
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The multistage turbines in well pumps produce very high pressure with low noise, but the pressure (several hundred PSI) is kind of over the top for anything but wells. I have a booster pump and air/water pressure tank that boosts my water pressure from 27 psi (gravity supplied) to 40-60 psi. It is a centrifugal pump made by Jacuzzi and it runs about a minute to pressurize about 140 gallons of water. (The pressure tank is 550 gallons).

You'll need to supply a few more details on the application to get more specific help.
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A friend recently bought a pump to refill an inground pool. He placed the pump in a whiskey barrel surrounded by sound-proofing foam. I have heard the pump run and it is very quiet.

Would a sound-proofed enclosure work for your application? (Also, I think that submerged or unsubmerged IS important because your options will differ.)
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Response by poster: Flow rate is very low. This is to be used for a 40 psi plug mister. So even 0.1 gal/hr would be fine, or even up to 10 gal/hr.
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Response by poster: Regarding power source, ~120VAC, indoors.
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mcmaster carr....

Bronze Gear Transfer Pump W/Motor, 1/3 hp, 1/4" NPT Female Port, W/Relief Valve
In stock at $344.47 Each

will get you your flow rate/pressure. Quiet? I don't know. It's a gear pump... usually noisier than others. 40 PSI is 92 feet of head, and most impeller pumps (in McM/C) have a lot lower pressure rating. I'd consider going the pressurized tank route to minimize the duty cycle and locating the pump far, far away from the point of use of the water.

good luck...
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