What was the name of that Philip Glass Piece Played on PBS?
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What is the name of Philip Glass' piece played this Sunday at the Gala for Alice Tully Hall on PBS?

The Gala included a whole lineup and a rare appearance of (lookin good for his age) Philip Glass playing one of, I think, his Etudes for Piano. Does anyone know the name of the piece he played? Was it something that he made up on the spot? I mean, he didn't have any music in front of him, so maybe it was ALL IMPROV??? I've diverged a bit from the point here, so the question as posed: What was the name of Philip Glass' piece he played this Sunday at the Gala for Alice Tully Hall on PBS?
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Don't know the answer but out of the two reviews I found, neither takes a stab at a name. The NY Times refers to it as "a piano solo by a slightly lethargic Philip Glass." The NY Sun's very negative review says he "played the same figure ad nauseam on the piano." He is working on a second volume of Etudes.
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This confirms it was one of the Etudes.
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If it's one of the first 10 √Čtudes, you can try to identify it by the previews here.
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Response by poster: musicinmybrain, I managed to borrow the album from a friend and after listening, I think it might be a brand new etude. Suffice it to say, it sounds marvelous and I can't wait for the album to be finished!
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