I need to prove that I was born
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I need a birth certificate. How do I make this happen?

I was born in Russia. Then I moved to America. I live in Kansas. My parents lost my birth certificate. Throughout the years, I have been using my Certificate of Citizenship and/or passport when I have needed an official document; however, I foresee problems in my future if I do not actually obtain some form of birth certificate.

What do I do about this?
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You might have luck with a Russian consulate. The closest one to you appears to be in Houston.

I did this because of your user name.
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Looks like a Russian Embassy is your best bet. From a US State Department Website:
In the United States Russian documents can be requested through the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC, or the Russian Consulates General in San Francisco, New York, or Seattle. The process often takes several months.

Some civil records were destroyed during World War II. Local authorities generally will issue a certificate to that effect, although again, the process may take several months. A replacement statement of identity is also available from local authorities when the birth certificate is unavailable.
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You might run into trouble if, as I imagine is likely, you were technically born in the USSR. Finding records from places that have changed names/owners since you were born might be difficult; however, the consulate would probably be used to sorting these sorts of problems out.
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