Can I switch my horizontal outlets to the vertical via a gadget?
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Sideways electrical outlets -- is there a gadget to plug in with vertical outlets?

Just moved into a great apartment -- problem is that all the electrical outlets are sideways/horizontal. I have some plug-in liquid air fresheners I'd like to use, only they have to be used upright.

Is there some kind of plug in outlet that can be swiveled to the vertical?
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You can easily swap out the outlet with a bathroom outlet (which has the plugs rotated 90 degrees) if you have access to your breaker/fuse box and a screwdriver. It'll cost a couple of bucks an outlet. I haven't ever seen anything that will rotate it though.
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You can probably find something like this if you look in enough hardware stores.
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Check the back of your air freshener plug-in bases: the brand I use (airwick? something like that) allows you to rotate the prongs 180°
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err, insert "up to" before 180°
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A lot of multi-outlet power strips have holes in the back so that they can be mounted on a wall. You could buy one of them, mount it on the wall next to the outlet, and then plug your air freshener into that.

Of course, someone bothering to use air freshener probably wouldn't want an ugly power strip hanging on his or her wall, but it's an idea.

Or you could find an air freshener that doesn't use electricity... just an idea...
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Best answer: I think amtho has the right answer.

An adapter like the one needs more cowbell links will cause a lot of trouble. The adapter and the air freshener are only held up by the plug, and that won't be strong enough. The power bar is held up on its own, which is much better.

Exactly what you are looking for probably does exist, because you can even get fully rotating outlets, but I'm not sure it would be worth the effort.
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Yes, the adapter you want is called a cube tap.
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Response by poster: Thank you chuckles! That's what I was looking for! (I was searching on 'swivel' instead of 'rotate')

And of course I want to use electricity for my air fresheners--how else do I make Gaia cry every day??
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