How to get google apps to like me again.
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Google Apps: I transfered my URL from one registrar to another. Google apps (hosting) isn't working.

Based on my earlier question, I moved my URLs all to one host (godaddy) where I could modify my MX and CNAME records (without having to pay for that right.)

But, one of my domains uses Google Apps ( for it's email, and obviously, after the transfer, it's not responding.

What I want it to do is to ask me to verify again, and tell me what the mx records should be set to. I'd go to google's help (for google's apps), but it's mostly a google group where nobody seems to respond. They want me to pay for the Pro version, which I don't need (but I'm tempted to sign up and then quit after this is solved.)

Just as a tack on - is there any way to host an 'announce only' list with google, from my hosted domain (vs. google groups?)
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Here is the Google Apps help page describing the process for configuring your MX records on GoDaddy. Apparently GoDaddy can do it automagically, if you like.

Can't help with your supplementary question, sorry.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I found that too - added the MX records...and it resolved.

I think I'm resigned to using google groups.
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