I have too much money. Help me spend it.
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Decent music stores near DFW? I have a few free hours tomorrow (Sunday) and would appreciate any suggestions.

I'm currently in Ft Worth. I've never been here before so it's all new to me. I'm a collector, especially interested in industrial/ebm/electronic stuff; imports a definite plus. CD is preferred (easier to get home) but vinyl is great, too.

If it helps, Portland's Music Millennium, Everyday and the original Ozone (Later Ozone UK, not so much O3), Seattle's Everyday and Cellophane Square and the Bay Area's Streetlight and Amoeba are all places I spend way too much money.

Basically any place other than mall stores, Borders, mainstream top-40 stuff. Tower would have been good, as would Virgin (the internet says the Grapevine store closed).

Any specific areas/districts in Dallas and/or Ft Worth where a few of them are close together? The less travel time in between stores, the more browsing time I get.

Any other suggestions on things to do would be welcome, too, but CDs are always a top priority any time I'm in a new city.
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The DFW airport is almost an hour from everything. It's a wretched place.
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I'm finding that, thanks. Took 45 minutes to find a decent dinner place last night.

But I have access to a rental car, so I'm not restricted to the immediate area.
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My wife says that Good Records might be a good stop - it's owned by Tim & Julie (he's the front man for Polyphonic Spree)... link for more information. If they don't have what you're interested in (musically), you just might want to ask them for suggestions. They're in the lower Greenville area (central-ish Dallas) and that's where most of the scene is.
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I'd recommend Bill's Records & Tapes. It's "relatively" close by.
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Ditto Bill's. It has everything, and nothing has a price tag. You have to ask Bill how much it costs. No, I'm not joking.
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Bill is still alive? I was going there like twenty years ago. It is amazing, the selection that is. Be sure to be nice to the help, because they will (did, anyway) influence Bill and influence your price.
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Good Records!
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nthing Bill's. Sure it's a bit of a drive, but this place is a Dallas institution (of sorts).

And yes, spikelee and YoBananaBoy have it: nothing has a price, but if you're nice and agreeable to the employees, you just might walk out with a decent deal.

And, I live right behind Grapevine Mills Mall, and unless I'm mistaken, the Virgin Megastore is still open.

You know what? I haven't been to Bill's new location, which is something I'm interested in. I'd be willing to tag along and check it out if you're interested. I'll e-mail ya.
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Definately Bills. Yes, you will get ripped off nine-times-out-of-ten, but some of the stuff they have there I've never seen anywhere else. My à;grumh, and Waxx Traxx! collection were rounded out there.

The Greenville area in Dallas had scads of used CD stores, and a large chunk of my music collection (lot's of older industrial) came from them. It also ended up back there when I moved.
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Alas, Bill's is no more.
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Bill's has just moved, not closed. He's in downtown Dallas now, 1313 South Lamar.

I did make it down there, thanks for all the suggestions. I walked out empty-handed, though, as he really tried to screw me.
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I didn't really like Bill's much. Never could find anything in that mess. Haven't been to the new place though.

Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie is worth checking out, but they may not have as many collectibles as Bill's.
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I stumbled upon a cool records and vintage store today aptly named "Doc's Records and Vintage." It's at 714 W. Pipeline Rd in Hurst, TX which is west of Dallas and northeast of Fort Worth. Their number is 817 285 0882. They have a bunch of old records, 45s, cassette tapes, CDs, etc. Also they have a wide selection of vintage clothes and memorabilia from the 50s-80s.
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Forever Young may be good for your tastes in music. I haven't been there in 12 years or so and have never been to the current location, but back in high school they had a good amount of obscure punk, goth, and industrial, although the main focus of the store was rock'n'roll oldies.

At any rate, their current location is a quick shot down 360 from the airport, maybe 15 minutes in good traffic.
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Oh. That was days ago. Sorry. Buit at least next time, you'll know
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