Looking for a print involving a Mexican wrestler and a mermaid
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I'm looking for a series of three prints, drawn in a stylized "cartoony" manner, which depict a luchador, his girlfriend, and a mermaid.

Some years ago, my girlfriend saw some prints online. We've been discussing how to decorate our home, and we think we might like to get copies of these prints. However, no combination of keywords seems to bring them up on Google. Here's what we remember of them:

The first drawing depicts a luchador (Mexican wrestler) after winning a match. He has a slender, black-haired, black-clothed girlfriend and he's either embracing her or has her on his shoulder.

In the second drawing, the luchador has been caught in some sort of compromising position with a mermaid by his girlfriend. The luchador is reacting to having been discovered.

In the third drawing -- SPOILER ALERT -- the woman in black has shot the luchador and is bent over in tears.

The art is, for lack of a better term, "cartoony" and it may have had a limited palette. I remember a lot of red, but I may be wrong there.

It's possible that the first two prints may have been called "El Luchador" and "La Sirena" but searching on those phrases doesn't bring up anything useful.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure you mean this. Your description rang a very definite bell, but Googling was futile. On a whim, I checked a collection links I keep for making home-made t-shirts and voilá.
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Response by poster: Whoa awesome. After a night with no responses, I thought we had stumped AskMe.

Funny to see how our memories were off, but I seriously doubt there are other cartoony wrestler/mermaid triptychs out there.
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Seconding the "whoa awesome". I thought this was a long shot for sure.
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