Yamuna Body Rolling?
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Experiences with Yamuna Body Rolling, anyone? Specifically the foot-savers part of it? Other foot-strength-training exercise programs for people with foot pain/flat feet/plantar faciitis?

I have flat feet and bad plantar faciitis, and I'm looking for some way to strength train my feet. I've read somewhere on the internets about this YBR stuff, and that nurses tend to find large amounts of success with it despite standing all day. Anyone know anything more about it personally?
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Yes, yes, yes!! I've done the foot savers and they work. It is exquisitely painful but it treated my plantar fasciitis. It's not a miracle , but working with the foot savers daily, icing and treating with OTC anti-inflammatories will definitely lessen the severity of your foot problems.
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I don't know anything about it personally, but a couple years ago, the owner/creator of YBR joined ask.mefi and shilled it pretty hard (as if she had merely heard of it it and was in no way associated, of course). Obviously her comments are biased, but maybe the additional info will help you.
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Sounds like a load of hooey. You could try the foot drills linked in this post.
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And they're free!
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I bought a set a few years ago after reading a review in a magazine (Jane) where the reviewer said that exercising with the foot savers enabled her to wear stilettos without pain.

They are a bit painful to use but sadly I hadn't noticed any difference in my ability to wear high heels or have less foot pain overall (I also have flat feet). Bah!

Maybe they work for some people but the only thing that ever did anything in regards to my ability to stand for long periods of time without pain were orthotic insoles. In fact my posture was greatly improved as well.
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When I had plantar fascitis, my physical therapist suggested that I put my foot on a racquetball (blue, 2" diameter, slightly compressible) and roll it around to massage the sole of my foot. In my opinion it definitely helped.

Getting orthotics helped even more.
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It's unsophisticated (and cheaper), but rolling my foot around on a tennis ball pays great dividends after a long run. My feet are messed up due to a leg imbalance and my osteopath recommended orthotics, which will be my next stop - I've heard only good things about these from users. It's all horses for courses, but I might also guess that your specific problems would benefit from a more personalised solution.
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As a competitive soccer player, I tried endless treatments and orthodics for my plantar facitis. The only thing that worked was going to physical therapy once a week and getting a heat/massage/stretching treatment to my calves and feet. The treatment (which went on for about a year), gave me some permanent relief, but it was mostly only effective as long as I was going to the physical therapist. My plantar facitis still bothers me regularly (even though I stopped running). The things that I've found most helpful are strengthening your feet or conditioning your feet through running (the very most painful thing), and stretching (once you get all the scar tissue massaged out of your feet of course). Stretching your calves, hamstrings, and ankles will keep the plantar facitis from affecting the rest of your lower legs (shin splints, calf cramps).
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