(3-Glycidoxypropyl)-trimethoxysilane or (3-Glycidoxypropyl)-trimithoxysilane?
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Microsoft Word/Office question: Can anyone recommend a good third-party add on dictionary for medical, technical and scientific terms?

I'm looking for something that is up to date and has good support, ie., is or can be updated regularly. Cost isn't really an issue.
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This article has some suggestions. I can vouch for the Stedman's medical dictionary add-on.
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Response by poster: That appears to be subscriber only I'm afraid.
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Google cache of ikkyu2's link.
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Odd, it wasn't subscriber-only when I linked to it.
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Check out wordweb,
It's an external program that I've used pretty effectively, there's a free version, a pay version plus you can pay extra for their additional word lists that contains "25 000 medical words, 16 000 legal words" (that info here)

you may want to contact them.
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