Need to score indian cookware and banging beats
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AllAroundNYCFilter: Looking for 2 things in NYC. Indian Cookware (Baltis, Tavas, etc.) and a decent club for electro, house and german style techno.

At NYC for a conference this week and am having a hard time fidinging two things. I want to use this occassion to stock up on indian cookware (Tavas, baltis, thalis, stainless steel everything and anything). Any thoughts? Don't care about distance, I'm a grad student in a small college town so this is one of my rare chances to stock up! Be nice to find some large indian supplies store.

Second I'm wondering were people go for good electro/techno and house. Sorta place that would play Bpitch Control, Kompakt or Get Physical.

Cheers mefi!
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Check RA's club listings for New York. For that kinda music, you're best bets Cielo (for the We are Robots parties esp). I see Dixon is playing tonight at Cielo - he's got a new comp out of Get Physical.
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Cheers! Actually going to Cielo tonight, spotted that on flavorpill earlier. Looked at the Cielo site and it looked a little fromage, but if Dixon is there (and we are the robots on other nights) than that's probably the place I'm looking for.
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For Indian cookware, go to Butala Emporium in Manhattan or in Jackson Heights. Jackson Heights is a bit further but will give you more options, as well (try Patel Brothers across the street for food and more cookware; it's possibly a little bit cheaper, but Butala has a much bigger selection).
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It's really too bad Sub Tonic closed, i think you would have liked it. You may want to check out Wolf + Lamb events, good stuff for sure very low cheese, more on the alt side (they're burners in nyc, after all) and GREAT music.
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check out the Bunker at its new location in the burg. it used to be at subtonic. dj spinoza also has a weekly events list for techno shows and the like.

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also cielo -- quelle fromage!
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I have to agree with pinto and lannanh. Wolf + Lamb and The Bunker are your best bets. You missed Ryan Crosson (M-Nus, Traum, Trapez) at The Bunker last night, but I do believe Derek Plaslaiko (Ghostly, Spectral, Bunker Resident) and one of the guys from Alkarex are playing tonight at a place called The Anex. Email is in my profile if you want more info. How long are you going to be here?
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well, in all fairness the dude asked about Kompakt & Get Physical, not minimal techno!

On that tip, Dan Bell is playing at the Rose Center for Earth & Space on May 25th
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Thanks everyone, great advice on both indian markets and clubs. Bunker looks brilliant. Unfortunatly i'm leaving right before Akufen! Go figure.
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