I need a Dyson!
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Help me find the best deal on a Dyson!

Where in the Columbus, Ohio area will I get the lowest price on a new (preferably the yellow variety) Dyson vaccuum? Are there any sources of information that can provide this?

Or are Dysons rarely discounted? Do they even GO on sale for any sort of real discount, or must I steel myself to part with $400+ bucks?
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We bought ours a few years ago and had a similar issue finding a deal. Best thing I found was using a 10% coupon off anything at Home Depot...

Maybe things have changed but everywhere I tried to find one they never had returns or deals. I ran into this on my Weber grill - best deal I found for that was Amazon with free shipping and I didn't have to load it in my car.

The way I understand it, certain vendors don't allow discounting or else they will pull their line from the stores.
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Bed, Bath & Beyond with their 20% off coupon. There is one in Columbus. See previous thread on this.
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Ebay is always worth a try.
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Yep, Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off is how I bought my Dyson.
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Uhhh, pawnshop?
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Possiblky OT, but I think the cheapest dyson might be to buy something else - I bought a Kenmore Progressive(this one) for about $250 on sale) last year after reading Consumer Reports' upright review(Scored better all the way around, especially durability, which seems to be a problem with the Dysons), and I'm still impressed with it.
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Just got the dyson dc17 at Linens N Things - they let me use the 20% off coupon they routinely put in Sunday paper ad. They didn't have them any in stock the first time I was there so the manager told me which day she thought the store would get more. I called that day and she put a hold on the one they got for me.

And I'll second Orb2069 - the vacuum I was replacing was a 20+ year old Kenmore.
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If you aren't averse to online venues, there's these on Overstock. Earlier this week, they had a model available for $298.
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We got ours not at discount, but with a $125 giftcard back at Target about a year ago to the day. You might want to check to see if they're doing anything like that again.
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We did the same as plaidrabbit - Target gave us back a gift card for $125 (since we're big Target shoppers, that was just like giving us cash back). It was probably less than six months ago. Check the ads in the Sunday paper, and then get there early (we got the last one around 10 am).
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The Overstock.com suggestion by kimdog looks good. And shipping is only $2.95.
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If you are willing to wait, Woot (they sell a single different product each day) has Dysons available maybe once every couple of months. The prices are great - I think the last time they had one it was $299 for the $450 Low Reach model (tax-free and $5 shipping).

Not affilliated, but a big fan
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We got our dyson cheap because I watched boddit.com's page. I waited until a refurbished one popped up. We got it through Amazon for $250 that way.


The animal one is on there for $330 (totally worth it if you have pets) and the yellow normal one is there for $290-something at a number of places.

If you can wait though, you might find a refurb deal in the future.
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Hey gatorae, today's Woot product info alone is worth the click: Unexplained Mysteries of the Unexplained
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I just checked today's Target ad - at least in my town they're offering $100 gift card back on any Dyson. They've got the yellow one listed at $399, so in theory that's down to $299. "Quantities limited: No Rain Checks."
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