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Casting a wide net here hoping the mefites can help...I'm looking for two shower curtains. Both vinyl- one that looks like is has grass printed on it and the other being clear with silly lawn gnomes. Ever seen these on your internet surfs? I have been looking, but haven't seen them anywhere... Any links to fun bathroom decor sites appreciated!
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Haven't seen those but there's a couple cute designs over at Archie McPhee.
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I know I've seen the grass one in real life at a store somewhere, but couldn't find it online. My best guesses as to where I saw it are Urban Outfitters or Bed Bath & Beyond.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. I like that Archie McPhee! I' glad you mentioned Urban outfitters MsMolly, I forgot about them!
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I found this bath pillow on Amazon that has the grass pattern, but I couldn't find a comparable shower curtain on the manufacturer's site. Maybe they just don't make it any more. Searching Amazon for vinyl shower curtains turns up some neat stuff, although not either of the ones you were looking for.
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Response by poster: MsMolly, that is exactly dead on... but alas, no curtain. I know I too have seen in in real life, but I can't remember where. As for the gnome one, I've never seen one, but I think it would be funny...
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I think I found it! Thanks to MsMolly for the "Meadow Grass" lead...

Meadow Grass Shower Curtain

The store seems to have other funny shower curtains too... no Gnomes as far as I can tell, though.
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Response by poster: AMAZING!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I'm so excited- MeFi rocks! Off to hunt for gnomes...
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