Internet Infrastructure
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Internet infrastructure: how does the physical infrastructure of the internet cross oceans? Is all of the data transmitted by communications satellites, or are there big-ass intercontinental cables running across the ocean floor? And if there are big-ass intercontinental cables, how are they maintained?

(sorry if this is a crushingly stupid question, or if it's easily Googlable… I've tried my hand at Google, but may not have been asking the right questions.)
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Bigass cables. If you search for "Neil Stephenson" in WiReD you should be able to find a good article on it all; he took a junket 'round the world while writing Cryptonomicron researching it.
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This is the classic article fff is refering to. It's really worth reading, and a page turner, despite the dry technical matters. (A faster read than some of Stephenson's books, even).
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Rather, potentially dry technical matters.
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While reading about transoceanic cables, don't forget the story of the Great Eastern.
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Even with a (usually) redundant system, damage to transoceanic cables results in serious consequences for the structure of the Internet.
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potentially dry my ass! These here are UNDERWATER cables!
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FWIW -- at the base stations in Antarctica, they have satellite and only satellite.
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Response by poster: That Wired article pretty excellent. Thanks, everybody.
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If you're interested in a specfic example do a google search on the "Southern Cross Cable".
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