Where can I find interconnected bud vases to hang on the wall?
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Where can I find interconnected bud vases to hang on the wall?

I have a vision of the perfect mother's day present, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm looking for a piece that will either hang on the wall (preferable) or sit on the table. I want it to consist of a collection of small, clear glass bud vases (maybe an inch or so in diameter, a couple inches deep) all hooked together in an attractive manner, so a person could put small wildflowers in them. I'm imagining something like this or this, except for flowers instead of candles. Maybe a little less ornate, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

Oh, and since it just now occurred to me to ask you guys for help, after several weeks searching local stores and getting nowhere with google - anyplace that can ship it here in less than a week gets bonus points.
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Could you find one of those candle ones, remove the candle holders, and replace with the vases? I suppose you'd have to find pieces that all fit and vases with a slight lip or some way to keep the vase from slipping all the way through...but I've seen lots of the candle ones in different stores, so there's got to be some way to rig one of those.
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Maybe like this?
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Like saladin, I'm envisioning a bunch of test tubes wired together in a line.
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Response by poster: bibbit, I've considered that, but votive holders are about twice as big around as the vases I'd want. If the vases had a big enough lip to not fall through, I think the flowers would tip over(?). My last-ditch solution might be to try to create this thing myself with little vases and some kind of craft wire, but that'd be stretching my artistic talents pretty far.

saladin, that's pretty cool. I'm still holding out for something that can go on the wall, but I will definitely keep that one in mind.
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This? Maybe this? And then there's this, if her taste is more, um, traditional.
Or these might look cool in some kind of arrangement.
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Here or here
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Or here. (You could get one of those little wall shelves to set it on.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, but no clear winners so far. Those first two links from desjardins are interesting, but I think they're much bigger vases than what I'm looking for. The test tube rock garden one might work, MsMolly, but like I said, I'm going to hold out for a wall-mounted affair if possible.

Any other suggestions?
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Picky, ain't ya? kidding!

Ok, how about this or this? Remove the stoppers and they'll work fine as bud vases.

Or this or this or this?
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Response by poster: Picky, ain't ya?

Heh, yeah... I only buy gifts for people that I think they'll actually like and use, so I tend to be pretty specific about what I'm looking for. I guess that's why I get so stressed out about gift-giving holidays. *sheepish* :)
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When I read this I instantly thought "Pottery Barn"!!! But they don't have it exactly. They have a spiral votive holder similar to your second example that they say will also hold flowers, but like you said it's short for a bud vase. They have a number of single wall vases (example) that you could arrange into a grouping, but, again not what you're looking for exactly. I thought I'd point you to the catalog anyway since it hasn't been mentioned yet.
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Here are a few more options:

Ebay has some: link link

Love Birds Wall Vase (about halfway down the page on the right). link

From amazon: String of Six Glass Bud Vases. link

Mirror w/ vases (expensive, though). link

It's surprising that there aren't more like the candle holders that you linked to...
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