Healing a cut on the frenulum
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Need some help regarding a men's issue, down there with Little Anonymous.

So the gal and I were getting it on a couple of nights ago. A minor accident seems to have happened. I think her nail nicked my willy's frenulum a bit. There appears to be a wee cut in the middle, perhaps a milimeter across. It's red but not bleeding. But it hurts (the "yowww" pain kind) when I pull my foreskin back quickly. Needless to say, spanking the monkey isn't pleasant either.

Googling for similar problems shows medical advice saying that it should heal by itself in a couple of weeks, but that I should stay away from intercourse.

Any advice you folks have to help it heal faster so I can get to business as usual? Is it problematic enough to visit the doc?
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Keep it very clean, avoid agitating it via intercourse or otherwise, and if it doesn't appear to be healing after a few days, definitely see a doc.

It'll probably go away on its own, but it's important to keep very clean, as with any cut/wound.
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I'm not a doctor, but since it's an external injury, you might consider applying a bit of neosporin before bed time and in the morning. That usually speeds up the healing process.
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agreeing with above: some neosporin, cleaning and time. I guess if it get's a minor infection (red and irritated) you might go to the doc. It'll heal eventually. Sounds painful.
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A little neosporin and a lot of neglect.
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KEEP IT CLEAN. It tends to be dark and moist down there, which is a bonanza for all sorts of grodiness.
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Neosporin! (and Booboo kisses on a raincheck.)
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Having had a similar thing happen, keep it clean and away from any potential irritants (harsh soaps / shower gels). A nightly dab of an antiseptic ointment also helps the healing process.

Mine took about 2 weeks to be fully healed. Do NOT be tempted to give the ol' feller a 'test run' after a week, even if it looks good to go. You really need to be absolutely sure it is ready otherwise it is back to square one (yup, done that too).
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It'll heal fine. No sex, two weeks!
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nth neosporin. It's a miracle drug.
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consider this a great opportunity to practice your oral sex technique for two weeks.
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consider this a great opportunity to practice your oral sex technique for two weeks.
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Ha. I love it.
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once, many moons ago, when i was a younger lad - i had my frenulum pierced. with a large needle. intentionally.

wash with antibacterial soap in the shower, and perform a salt water rinse nightly or whenever it's feeling irritated. you'll be fine in a few weeks.

i would advise against neosporin - covering the affected area with ointment prevents it from breathing. just keep it clean.
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Snapped your banjo string, eh? My experience suggests no vigorous washing, strumming, or other activity for around a fortnight, I'm afraid.
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I must disagree with gnutron. Neosporin works because it keeps the wound from drying out. A wound takes longer to heal if it's dry. Keep a wound moist and it heals quicker. There's been a discussion here at askmefi before on this topic.
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Wear boxers and/or go freestyle.
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As the anon poster in the thread LobersterMitten linked, I didn't wait two weeks before having sex again, in fact the night it happened I just put another condom on and continued on with things that night... it bled a bunch though, and I am not sure everyone is cool with blood and sex, so YMMV in that regard.

Daily showers and loose fitting clothes. For the first few days I did put a bandaid on so I didn't get blood spots on my underpants. I don't recall using polysporin or anything after the first couple of days.
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